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Fuji tea

不二茶铺Taiwan, est 2012

Debut in USA

We began in Taiwan, after much anticipation and demand, we expanded to other parts of Asia. Finally making our way to the U.S.A. We hope to satisfy your sweet tooth but with a healthy mission.

Our name ‘Bu Er’ means we are focused. We focus on delicious drinks and innovation.

There is no substitute for real ingredients. You will find it here.


We don’t use powders. All of the fruits we serve in our drinks are actual fruits! You can taste the difference!


We source all of our tea from Taiwan. Our tea leaves are harvested seasonally.

organic cream

We source locally when we can! All of our cream is organic and locally sourced!

healthy is better

Our menu consist of all time classics, trending drinks, and innovative combinations! We aim to make our drinks healthy while still delicious!

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Strawberry Smoothie w/ Cream

Taro Milk w/Coconut Pudding

Brown Sugar Milk Tea w/ Boba

Contact Us

7 Days: 11:00AM – 9:00PM
9312 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036